What is an ALL-IN-ONE

Modern and ergonomic solution
that costs less than a cup of coffee.

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Computer and display – 2 in 1

The idea behind an ALL-IN-ONE computer is very simple – insert the conventional “box” of computer into the monitor, combining them in an elegant, powerful and convenient solution.
Nowadays workplaces are getting more ergonomic, therefore more people and companies are choosing this solution every year.

One cable means more space for you

AIO PC purpose is to make your workplace more attractive and to reduce space occupied by the computer’s “box”. ALL-IN-ONE computer is very practical, as it has only one cable. Besides AVTECH computer is powerful, lasts longer and cost effective compared than to standard solution!

4 reasons to choose ALL-IN-ONE computer

Saves space

Compact solution without needless cables means more space for your workplace. It is very easy to move from one room to another, for example, to meetings or changing workplaces. Your cleaner will also be happy, because cleaning will get much easier!

Cost effective

Normally the word “computer” means for us: a computer “box”, a monitor, sound equipment and other accessories that make this set significantly more expensive. ALL-IN-ONE computer has it all built-in, thus reducing costs. AVTECH computer costs less that your daily cup of coffee!

Save on energy - and maintenance

Unlike many other ALL-IN-ONE computers, hardware of AVTECH brand has easy-to-change components that allows increasing capacity of work or adding more powerful video card, if needed. The computers have built-in standard components that you can purchase at any computer store or at our representative office, not searching for a specialized service centre.

Better at cooling, lasts longer

Conventional computer’s “box” is mostly placed on the floor – the place where there is the most dust. If they get into the computer, the system may overheat, because it cannot cool. This problem can reduce the life of the device. The ALL-IN-ONE processor is built into the monitor that is placed on the desktop – the place where there is less dust, better cooling process is ensured and the device lasts much longer!

AvTech computers – one of the leading ALL-IN-ONE computers in European market
More than 3 million ALL-IN-ONE computers have been sold in the last 7 years.